Are we there yet? Treat your surveys like (well-planned) summer road trips

Banked vacation days, warm weather, the lure of the open road—as the summer sun intensifies, so does our collective appetite for adventure and discovery. Many will pack their bags, load up the car and embark on a vacation. But before you take to the highway, take a few cues from the more

Keeping an Eye on What is Important

What is statistical significance anyway? The core of our survey data analysis should be directed toward generating consumer insights that are both meaningful and actionable. In order to achieve this joint goal we have to keep our eye on significance, both statistical and managerial.Previously more

Do Something Others Dont—Listen to Your Customers

I read a great article by Donna Fluss in CRM Magazine recently, Surveys Alone Are Not the Answer. What really hooked me was this statement: After years of analyzing exceptional service organizations, it's clear to me that the organizations that deliver great service do something that more

Dancing to the Left

Should we step to the right or step to the left? There are times when questionnaire design seems a bit like a dance step. Every researcher during his or her career has asked themselves if they should start a series of scaled questions with the high number (or most positive response) closest to more

Giving Back to Your Community

As an organization, you should want to feel like more than just a building on a city block. Your company should be an integral, respected part of your city, your neighborhood, even your block, maintaining a two-way relationship with the locals that's about more than just providing jobs. Last fall more

Respondents Want to have Fun and 7 Other Reasons People Complete Surveys

Incentives are common place in the market research industry. This is true for consumer and B2B marketing research. Often we, as survey providers, offer tokens of our appreciation ranging from branded items to gift cards (can we say Starbucks, please!) to charitable donations. Yet, incentives are more

Alternate Measures of Customer Satisfaction

I had the pleasure of recently sitting in on a webinar hosted by the AMA and presented by Keith Chrzan, the Chief Research Officer at Maritz Research. Keith took a deep dive into the sometimes murky realm of customer satisfaction measurement. Improving customer satisfaction is a critical path more

Introducing: My Reports Download

All it takes is one trip to the mall during the holiday season for me to realize that my patience level has decreased substantially. I catch myself tapping my shoe, looking at my watch or, more recently, firing up a game of Words with Friends. I can see the front of the line but no matter how more

Tips on Presenting Research Data

Presenting our findings, be it from a bank customer satisfaction study or an employee assessment, brings a sense of closure for most researchers. There are few things worse than to have your work side-lined. With this in mind, if our presentation is the big opportunity for closure then what needs more

Personalizing the Survey Invitation

Your survey invitation is the key to action. In a previous post I spoke about pre-notifications as part of the communication stream. In this post, I would like to emphasize the invitation as being your primary call to action. If your target group is an existing panel, or members of your more
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