How secure is your customer base?

How do you define loyalty? This is a concept marketers have pondered on for as long as there has been competition in the marketplace. As a topic loyalty has been thoroughly researched by academics and practitioners alike. A few things that we know about loyal customers: They tend to be more

Show Respondents Love

It’s time to reach out and touch someone. All eyes are on Valentine’s Day and sharing the love. How does this thought process apply to market research you may ask? Well that’s easy to see if you consider each survey touchpoint an opportunity to share a bit of love. It doesn’t matter if you more

Data 4 x 4

I recently taught a session of introduction to quantitative methods. The students brought up several excellent questions including a series on data types. There is no way of escaping at least a cursory chat on data types if you are involved in either consumer or B2B market research. more

Incentives 101

There was a time when people were simply grateful you asked them for their opinion. Those times are not now! Unless you have a fervent fan or customer base odds are you will have to offer some form of incentive to encourage response. This tome is not about the merits of whether to incent or not, more

Employee Engagement to Boost ROI

Many organizations are big fans of publicizing slogans about how their people are their number one priority, yet constantly increasing shareholder value is more often their biggest concern. Luckily for most of the workforce, recent studies have found that actively engaging (and not just satisfying) more

Employee and Customer Satisfaction Correlation

Is customer satisfaction strictly a function of the product or service the consumer purchased? The short answer is no. Is it solely dependent upon the context of the purchase situation? Again, no. From the depth of customer satisfaction research we can glean that customer satisfaction is more

Defining Customer Loyalty & Tying it to the Bottom Line

How do you define loyalty? This is a concept that marketers have thought and worried about for decades. As a topic area, academics and practitioners alike have thoroughly conducted customer loyalty research. A few things that we know about loyal customers: They tend to be satisfied They return more

Survey Research Involves Compromises

There comes a time when a survey researcher must decide whether or not to create a separate survey for each scenario or ask the respondent to focus on one scenario. Let me elaborate. In a recent project I was asked to assist with the analysis of data that already been collected. The project more

End of Year Academic Survey

As we round out the academic year, it's important for students to be able to provide feedback about their schools and institutions so educational administrators can improve the experience for the next class.  If you have not crafted an academic survey before, or even just want to make sure that more

Are You Stuck in Analysis Paralysis?

Listening to the customers involves paying active attention to all relevant data sources, and that can be exhausting with so much information all around us. In an earlier blog, I discussed how companies fail to listen and analyze customers information and getting stuck in the middle of their more
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