Measuring Brand Health and Awareness

The leading brand in a category can often command a price premium. Strategies for getting to that top position are outside the scope of this blog, but you can rest assured that market research is a critical component to the equation. Let’s start this exercise with defining what a brand is. more

Employee Evaluation Software - The Small Business Solution

Every small business struggles with employee evaluations. Small companies often have superiors working very closely with entry-level employees, this can make giving constructive and honest feedback in a one-on-one setting can be challenging. Rather than worry about creating tension in the office, more

When Was The Last Time You Recognized Employees?

Employee surveys don't always need to be measuring employee satisfaction or gauging employee commitment and loyalty. Sometimes, you may want to conduct an employee information survey to just update employee contact records. Employee surveys don't always need to be about discovering ways to improve more

How Accurate Are Your 360 Feedback Surveys?

Why should you conduct 360 degree feedback surveys when you can't always determine whose feedback is accurate? If you're using another data collection tool, conducting anonymous surveys can be difficult for technical reasons. But you don't need to give up on collecting employee feedback, instead more

Poor Customer Service? Do You Know What the Problem Is?

Most of us have experienced at least one customer support call that has made us grind our teeth and lowered our overall feeling of customer satisfaction. A lot of the time the extra wait time, the transfers, the holds have to do with the misuse of technology. It may be a matter of the systems more

New Web Surveys Feature: Question Import

In April, we added a Cvent Web Surveys software feature to allow survey creators to import responses from outside sources. Last month, we added a new feature that will save you a lot of time creating client questionnaire, or product feedback surveys or employee 360 feedback forms. Whether your more
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