Best Practices for 360 Peer Reviews

Performance reviews are no fun. Whether they’re annual reviews with a manager or 360 peer reviews, they’re unwelcome aspects of any job. Although 360 reviews seem like they would be the perfect complements to standard annual reviews, they have the potential to wreak havoc on morale, productivity more

The Problem With 360 Reviews

Performance reviews are a necessary evil in the workplace. The good news is that the one-way, annual performance evaluation where an employee gets to hear about the all things she did wrong over the past year, and maybe a few that she did right, isn't the be all and end all of the review more

Using Surveys for 360 Feedback Performance

As we near the end of the year, you will probably have to be evaluated with 360 feedback and/or you will be asking people to do evaluations for 360 feedback. One the best ways to capture 360 feedback is by using standardized surveys.  Here are a few ideas to creating surveys for 360 more

Who to Include in a 360-Degree Feedback Performance Review

If your company is like most, you might be beginning to assess how close you are to the goals you set for the year and deciding what people will review your performance for the year.  While you probably have your favorite people that you typically include in your 360-degree feedback more

The Positive Side of Peer Evaluations

Few people – if any – look kindly on evaluations, whether they're being evaluated by their peers or their bosses. When people are fair and honest, peer evaluations can be priceless tools for supervisors and managers to use to improve their teams' performances and the overall atmosphere of their more

The Perils of Peer Evaluations

People tend to dislike peer evaluations for the same reason they dread annual employee appraisals with their bosses: Nobody likes to be judged. And sometimes, no matter how fair the assessments may be, if they aren't 100% positive, some employees will perceive them as personal attacks. If they' more

360 Degree Feedback Survey - Everyone's Opinion Count

For many managers and HR members, the question of how to deliver unbiased employment assessments has been difficult. The workplace can be a sensitive place. If workers feel that a manager doesn't value their work or harbors some kind of personal resentment toward them, the more

Employee Evaluation – It’s for Managers Too

If you’re an upper-level manager, you’re familiar with employee performance evaluations. You’ve likely done your share of regular employee evaluations as you worked your way through the ranks. Along the way, you’ve also evaluated the mid-level managers who work for you. Chances are you assess more

A Better Approach to Performance Reviews

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Samuel Culbert gets down to the nitty gritty of what he hates about performance reviews. From breaking down the negative effects on the employee-manager relationship to discussing the personal biases that cloud face-to-face subjective reviews, Culbert more

Employee Evaluation Software - The Small Business Solution

Every small business struggles with employee evaluations. Small companies often have superiors working very closely with entry-level employees, this can make giving constructive and honest feedback in a one-on-one setting can be challenging. Rather than worry about creating tension in the office, more
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