5 Types of Employee Surveys (You Might Not Know About)

When you think about employee surveys most times you think about conducting surveys to understand employee satisfaction and engagement. However, there are many other types of employee surveys that you could be conducting to get a better understanding of all aspects of the employee lifecycle. These 5...read more

Best Practices for 360 Peer Reviews

Performance reviews are no fun. Whether they’re annual reviews with a manager or 360 peer reviews, they’re unwelcome aspects of any job. Although 360 reviews seem like they would be the perfect complements to standard annual reviews, they have the potential to wreak havoc on morale, productivity and...read more

The Problem With 360 Reviews

Performance reviews are a necessary evil in the workplace. The good news is that the one-way, annual performance evaluation where an employee gets to hear about the all things she did wrong over the past year, and maybe a few that she did right, isn't the be all and end all of the review process....read more

Using Surveys for 360 Feedback Performance

As we near the end of the year, you will probably have to be evaluated with 360 feedback and/or you will be asking people to do evaluations for 360 feedback. One the best ways to capture 360 feedback is by using standardized surveys.  Here are a few ideas to creating surveys for 360 feedback...read more

Festive Friday: Santa Baby Won't You Check Off My Christmas List?

Around this time every year, we start thinking about our "Wish List" for 2012 and getting our budgets in order to fund our new and existing initiatives. Just like when we were children, we have to decide what really belongs on our wish list this year. Do we want the newest American Girl Doll or more...read more

Who to Include in a 360-Degree Feedback Performance Review

If your company is like most, you might be beginning to assess how close you are to the goals you set for the year and deciding what people will review your performance for the year.  While you probably have your favorite people that you typically include in your 360-degree feedback performance...read more

Back to School

The season is indeed beginning its slow change from the heat and growth of summer to a slower more relaxed pace of fall. The harbinger of this change is the ubiquitous ‘Back to School’ mantra being sung by retailers across the land. As much as I like the concept of a strong retail sector, and retail...read more

360 Degree Customer Service

As it is the holidays, I thought it most appropriate to blog about my recent shopping experiences across the web.  I am not someone who enjoys crowds and noise as well as the time that it takes to find just the right gift by braving the mall, so I tend to resort to online shopping.  This holiday...read more

Personalization is the Way to Go

In today's fast moving world, we sometimes forget feedback about our services, products and processes is incredibly vital for business knowledge and decision making.  However, often gaining that insight in an effective manner can be incredibly time consuming. Which is why automating your survey...read more

360 Degree Feedback Survey Sample

As we near the end of the year, it is time for many companies to do 360-degree feedback surveys for their employees. Depending on your company culture, you may or may not have power over who reviews you and on what criteria you are judged.  However, whether you are a manager, employee, or in human...read more
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